Sunday, November 25, 2012

Royal Enfield Dreamliner - From the Future.....

Royal Enfields didn't escape the futuristic streamliner experiments of the 60's - this "Dreamliner" was meant for fuel efficiency, but I think it's more a styling exercise given the era.
Here's more info from the wonderful "Royal Enfield Motorcycles" blog:


  1. If we talk about the cruisers in India,there is not any direct competitor of Royal Enfield Cafe Racer.Its made for highway hunters and those who just want to live for bikes.

  2. The Royal Enfield streamlining did work very well. They spent a lot of time getting it right, but the cost of providing a full streamliner like that would have put it in the same price bracket as a small car.

    They did do a modified version called Airflow, which I had on one of my Enfields in the 1960s and it was extremely effective. I used to ride it in all weathers including winter and it kept me reasonably dry and warm. Fuel consumption was better than average too, so even the pared back streamlining was more than cosmetic.

    The only drawback was that every little engine noise was magnified, with the benefit I became paranoid about maintenance. :)